When we are looking for the best material for the worktop in our kitchen, tumbled black marble always cross our mind. Although, marble choices are not the most economical option at the outset, in the long term it is the best investment that can be made as durable countertop made to last.

Eymer’s one of the favourite product, black marble tumbled marble is both a very resistant  and a natural stone that is demanded for its many high qualities.

One of its most favorable qualities is the different shades of color that it presents. If you choose the black color of tumbled marble choices, you can see the different white and grey marble veins inside its structure. These one of a kind natural characteristics makes each kitchen worktop a unique piece. Thus, you can experience having your tailor-made decoration, when you order your black marble tumbled from Eymer Company.

Why Do They Prefer Black Marble?

You can be sure that we prepare each of our product group with 30 year experience in the sector. When you have a look at our references, you can observe our successful works also. Black marble is one of our in demand products used in external walls also. For instance, dealer of Turkcell in İstiklal Street in Istanbul is sided by black marble products of Eymer.

Turkcell in İstiklal Street in Istanbul

Let’s now see the benefits of using black marble tumbled in decoration. One of the advantages of marble stone is originated from its natural, recyclable and ecological structure. Black marble tumbled is one of the most popular materials in kitchens as well as sidings because of its high durability, aesthetic qualities and elegance. For these reasons, you can contact to us to choose the best black marble tumbled for your living spaces.