Here are some ideas and tips on how to decorate your house style with e beige marble tumbled floor which is commonly preferred in the Eymer stores.

The floor of a house is crucial. It is the main point of a beautiful house that deserve care. There is no better material than the marble floor will give the interior a touch of class and beauty that lasts. But how to choose the right way that matches your furniture also?  Below are some tips to avoid mistakes and to avoid unpleasant combinations that may occur.

You can decorate your house with a beige marble tumbled floor suitable to any room with a touch of class and elegance.

But why to choose the tumbled marble?

Because Eymer’s tumbling technique prepares the marble stone for possible further damages and protects from the beggining.

On the Eymer stores, you will come up with very different types of marbles which have different shades of color. Neverthless, the beige marble is a perfect choice for furnishing all spaces, especially in living rooms and bedrooms as it multiplies the daylight affect. The beige marble will fit very well in modern houses, maybe combined with innovative materials such as glass or steel in detailed decorations.

Another point to keep in mind to decorate the house with a marble floor is the tone of the color and style of furniture. The classic dark wood furniture in the warm nuances will be doubled by the light beige marble. And more light furnitures may match very well to dark tones of beige marble tumbled.

Beige Marble Tumbled
Beige Marble Tumbled

Those who love the classic and tradition will not put away the beautiful marble floors decorated with geometric designs which combine antique wooden furniture, embellished with handmade decorations.