There are several kinds of natural stones used in building industry. Especially marble and travertine products are widely used in the sector with their availability of different decorative opportunities.

Eymer’s number one priority is to develop the quality and variety of processing all types of natural stones including both marble and travertine stones in the usage of siding and inner spaces. Light Travertine Split Face & Tumbled is one of our specialized product that is made by combining two processing methods, split face and tumbling in the best way ever.

An important natural stone processing industry has been developed in Turkey in last half century. Eymer is a leading company thanks to its very popular and successful applications in several well-known places in Istanbul for the last 30 years.

It can be said that besides all products one more beautiful than the other, Light Travertine Split Face & Travertine is the state of the art technology product made within the scope of Eymer’s own integrated plants and exported to the 61 countries throughout the World.

What Are The Favourite Types of Light Travertine Split Face & Tumbled?

We have the options of all tones of ivory, beige, creme and white colors in our Light Travertine Split Face &Tumbled as per your demand. Especially in light travertine implementations, you can enjoy the continuous enlightening daylight effect in your living spaces. Moreover, our split face & tumbled processing method has the quality to multiply the stone’s enlightening effect by its laminated surface.

The legend beauty of our Light Travertine Split Face & Tumbled product is originated not only from the best process it is made but also by the help of shining granular structure it contains.