Especially in the issue of indoor platforms like kitchen worktops, the surface can be easily scratched with materials. Beverage, food, alcohol or acidic liquids used in the kitchen may give harm to the surface. If you prefer to use white marble in your kitchen or bathroom, Eymer’s white marble tumbled mosaic solutions respond in a satisfying way to your demands.

Each sort of marble stones differs in easy use in different platforms due to their aesthetical and practical utilization. Marble tumbled mosaic solutions in all colors are in very high demand due to their easy cleaning and care services.

You can prefer even white marble tumbled mosaic in commonly used wet surfaces like kitchens and bathrooms with a mind at peace. We as Eymer, develop the latest technology for your comfort and pleasure, you can sit and make your choice from our wide range of product list and wait for a short while till we establish your orders.

Why Should You Choose Eymer In Marble Stone?

The answer is simple. Because we have got the influential expertise in the construction and decoration sector for 30 years.

We process the marble stone material with a highly qualitative performance. Beginning from the extraction of the marble till the implementation of tiles to your environment, all the production process is strictly under our control. We prepare all the process for the best use of your daily practices in your living spaces.

We also pay a great attention to protecting your marble surfaces from further damages by Eymer’s wide customer care network.  For the strongest and enduring stone structure for your spaces, please have a look at our successful references applied in the important streets of İstanbul on our pages.

The siding of Turkcell building in İstiklal Street and Demsa Kandilli Houses are just two of our many references.