Silver travertine floor tiles are very popular due to its color and when it is given the proper shape it is able to suit in various kinds of platforms.

If you are considering travertine tiles, travertine paver products or products of travertine floor for your home or office, you’ve come to the right place. Because Eymer brand is leading in travertine and marble sector in last 30 years. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality travertine tiles and flooring travertine stone, countertop, and paper products anywhere in prices and sizes to fit any budget and any design you have in mind.

Silver Travertine Split Face & Tumbled is a natural porous stone formed by geothermal springs including several tones of gray, ivory, black and white and is often used in modern architecture.

Why Should You Count On Eymer?

The decorative constructions that you can order are restricted with the only the power of your demands. Eymer is always ready to build up travertine kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, even city infrastructures including pavements and bridges.

In Eymer stores, all travertine shower, slabs of travertine and ceiling tiles are available in various colors. Eymer is expert in using travertine finishes and is very versatile way also. We can offer you this natural stone for countertops, outdoor spaces, floors and much more.

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