The color of the most superabundant marble in nature is black and gray ones. On the other side, its small white, beige and red lines inside make each stone unique and peerless. Usage of honed black marble is very effective on smooth surfaces and results beyond comparison.

Black Marble Honed

A nice looking kitchen can easily be decorated by black marble honed countertop and base. Black marble itself is already a natural stone that is always cool to touch. The honing process increases its smooth touch effect and gives a more shining light inside your room.

Marble is also a heatproof material. That’s why it can be used as a great insulating material in your living spaces both in hot and cold climate circumstances.

The quality of diathermancy of marble in kitchens is also very helpful in daily usages. You can put a pot with boiling liquid on your marble worktop and the marble surface will get no damage, supporting your use perfectly.

What Are The Advantages of Black Marble Honed?

Black Marble Honed

Placing a black marble honed in your kitchen or bathroom makes your home revalued. Thanks to marble’s natural structure and Eymer’s 30-year experience, your properties automatically will be added value and you can enjoy the classiness in your spaces. Even if your spaces are old or new, by the help of black marble honed, it will stay nouveau for long years as it is a material that is not affected by any deterioration with the passage of time.

Another advantage of black marble honed is its quality of indefectibility. That is why it is one the most preferred item of Eymer’s in kitchen and bathroom usages. It is practically almost impossible to scratch or damage black marble honed so that its properties remained unchanged in time.