Travertine is a sedimentary rock with a crystalline structure, granular texture and appearance saccharoid. It is relatively easy to process and polish. Among the varieties of Eymer’s most valuable products, Silver Travertine Split Face, which is obtained from various locations of Anatolia is in a high demand by both our local and foreign customers. Even the veins of travertine tiles are highly appreciated for the opportunity to be exploited in aesthetic terms.

The process split face is a popular technique, prepared for more decorative solutions in your environment, particularly in outdoor platforms. Silver as the color of royalty runs through the minds the impressive effect of ancient Roman travertines on historical wall paintings.

The technique that we use in splitting the travertine surfaces reproduces the appearance of breccias and precious stones. To use mostly colored stucco and to obtain it by processes which vary in relation to geographical areas and Eymer’s special stores. The split face is also used to indicate a very special technique that we use to improve the decorative effect of unique travertine tiles.

Why Do They Most Prefer Eymer’s Silver Travertine Split Face?

The type of Silver Travertine Split Face is mainly used as an exportation product as per demand. With the veins of considerable size, turbid material and colorful in details but silver in basic form makes it very qualified in the export category.

In general, the splitting process consists of a mixture and aggregates of various granulometry according to the intended use. The process can be used in several ways for the stone’s characteristics; as a structural and decorative way. In both cases, it needs to be implemented in expert hands. Eymer brand has proven to be a leading expertise in travertine and marble sector for long years.