The Noche Travertine Split Face is a dark grey-brown medium-grained rock which is branded with voids within its texture. The Noche travertine is also a compact rock which is mainly composed of calcite, some limonite, and hematite.

Our Noche travertine split face tiles accept any type of finish such as rough, polished, aged, stomped or bush hammered. You can use  Eymer’s Noche travertine split face tiles indoor or even outdoor with a mind at peace.  Just leave your pleasure to Eymer’s expertise hands and enjoy the magnificent results we create in wherever you wish.

How To Choose The Right Floor For Your Garden or Living Room?

Noche Travertine Split Face Types

We as Eymer, are proud of having the experience and knowledge you need to decorate living spaces. You can dream of changing your garden, your living room or bathroom. We are ready to give you the consultants and service in every phase of the application process. Our after sales support system is also ready to help you in consultancy about protecting and cleaning your travertine tiles.

We provide you the materials available in for your spaces and then we start to work on your floors, walls, and surfaces within the shortest time.

Your kitchen worktop should always remain clean and renew. Your garden should always look natural and enthusiastic to welcome your very dear guests. By the help of Noche Travertine Split Face your garden will look wonderful at any time, your living spaces will remain clean easily always.

The floor of your garden may have got a lot of work ahead. But it is none of your business. We are willing to take good care to your floors in the best way we can. Let us offer you the options of right materials and you enjoy the advantages of our very best noche travertines.