Eymer brand offers white marble tumbled for the ones seek peace at home. White marble tumbled tiles will increase the mood of peace, calmness, and innocence in your living places and will give you mental tranquility.

The natural stones such as marble and travertine are becoming more and more popular materials due to their appearance, especially in commercial buildings like shopping centers, hotels, and residential buildings. In addition to their large variety of colors, structure and size available in Eymer stores, our architects, engineers, and designers are ready to serve the best to the property owners who surely count on consistency, beauty, brilliance and longevity provided by Eymer’s natural marble stones.

What Are Basic principles For Care of Natural Stones?

Natural stones like marble, granite, and travertine which are the most popular and expensive materials, require great expertise for their care. At this point, as our previous customers very well know, Eymer’s experienced staff is always at your service of care even a long year after the sale. We guarantee the pleasure of our customers for life with our splendid and brilliant marbles properly protected and preserved thanks to the techniques we use in the application process.

White Marble Tumbled products

Our White Marble Tumbled product is famous for its attractive shining and light appearance. Therefore, our customers advise  White Marble Tumbled tiles to each other by themselves. We do our best to maintain the original exterior appearance of White Marble Tumbled tiles by the help of the state of art technology we use in our manufacturing plants. We are also very proudly of our 30-year experience.  

We give more importance to the protection of White Marble Tumbled even after sales. The surfaces of natural marble stones are porous and that is why they must be protected against water, heat and negative weather conditions.