White marble tumbled, white marble brushed face and white marble split face are the products that combine the freshness and purity of white marble with tumbled, brushed face and split face manufacturing techniques.

These products are mainly for people who need purity, freshness, simplicity, and quality together in their living spaces. For the aim of providing these effects to the environments these products are used in the part of the living areas like garden wall covering, garden ground laying, decorative building covering, toilet wall covering, decorative ground laying, decorative wall covering, kitchen wall covering, kitchen ground covering, column covering, decorative internal laying, external covering, bathroom wall covering, bathroom ground laying, chimney and barbeque. These parts of your living spaces are provided with quality, professionalism, freshness, stillness and many kinds of ambiance as the white color has a property of suitability for almost any environment. When we say marble we say white as the color as it is the most abundant marble so this product is more economical than the other types.

Eymer Natural Stone Serves the Best Quality

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