The travertines are the indispensable flooring and covering materials of our life with their dazzling looks, noble appearances, spaciousness feeling from the antique periods.

Travertine is a kind of natural stone that, has formed dissolved calcium carbonate in cold or warm ground waters as a result of sedimentation on the earth.

Natural spring water can be formed in different colours according to the minerals contained in it. Cream, yellow, coffee, grey, red are the most popular types of travertine. It can be processed in different patterns in different patterns according to the formation in nature. The best-known sources of travertine are Pamukkale in our country.

Travertine is a softer rock than marble and granite. this feature gives him a more natural image and a warmer air travertine is a kind of natural stone that can be used both as floor and wall covering. It is possible to do a lot of things as a travertine material.

You might have seen buildings built of travertine sinks, travertine tiles, travertine mosaics, travertine statues, travertine blocks in different colours these products have resulted in the processing of raw travertine rocks obtained from the travertine quarries in many cities of our country.

Thanks to the colorful travertine marble types, you can even design artworks in your spaces.

On the other hand, natural stones with water absorption feature; it will prevent you from worrying about avoiding rain, flood or snow.

From this point of view, you can use natural stones both indoors and outdoors with peace of mind. You can use these kinds of natural stones, which you do not want to care for years, as your home, in all your environments. Just keep it away from chemicals.…

A Different Form of Use; Light Travertine Tumbled

As you can see, a simple piece of rock can be transformed into fabulous designs when it is processed in the special environments of factories, in professional hands.

Another type of travertine processed in this way is light travertine tumbled.
With the light travertine tumbled, can be used to create perfect living spaces and houses. Our country contains rich resources in terms of such traverten mines, Afyon has great opportunity to create decorative items by processing traverten stones.

Light travertine tumbled applications to the interior and exterior creates different and aesthetic texture.

Today, outdoor light travertine tumbled coatings are an application that increases the demand in the construction sector because it protects the buildings from external forces, protects the heat inside the building, does not have regular maintenance, and looks durable, natural and aesthetic.

Since it does not contain any chemicals in its interior, it is also a preferred coating in interior decoration. It does not require extra maintenance, it is resistant to frost-dissolving effects, its color does not fade, it is used comfortably in all kinds of climate and it maintains its stability for long years.

Eymer’s light travertine tumbled is used in the social facilities such as hotels, offices, villas, apartments, baths and so on.