You can reach to the vintage soul in your kitchen with small changes. Let’s check tricks. You cannot imagine how easy it is. After following these 10 steps, you can smell you filter coffee. But first, call your grandma. You will need her old coffee cups.

  1. Choose the best material for walls and floor. For vintage decoration, travertine is the best option. With Eymer Natural Stone products, the identity of your kitchen will be totally renewed. With a shiny marble, you may be modern, but not vintage. Eymer product range is suitable for vintage decoration. Especially, Light travertine and Noche travertine options should be seen before deciding.
  2. Paint your kitchen cabinet doors. Dull colours are the reason for preference. You can check light shades of grey and blue for a marginal change. Dark green and light travertine can be a nice couple. If you are not ready for a colourful kitchen to go with white or beige. Painting is cheaper than changing. Start with sandpapering.
  3. Set your teacups Let them breathe out of the cabinet. If you keep cups in the cabinet, no one can guess that your style is totally vintage. Hang them on the wall. You can even use a wood pallet as a wall shelf at no cost. It shouldn’t be difficult to hammer some shelves into the pallet. You should use travertine for your wall for successful decoration.

Use transverse colours for kitchen textile. Red should be used in somewhere even your cabinets were painted to green. Houndstooth fabric tablecloth will warm your kitchen. And with bloomy and yellow curtains, sunshine will always be with you. Don’t afraid to use different patterns for fabric selection. Houndstooth, bloomy and stripe is super trio together. Steal your sister’s antique laceworks from her trousseau.

  1. Buy some enamelwork pots, plates, cups. They are oldie and goodie. They don’t have to be set for a dozen people. You can combine different type of enamelwork plates in one table.

Take a trip to coppersmith’s bazaars. Bazaars are full of enjoyable decorative products. Copper trays are not just to carry plates; they can be very decorative additionally. Candles can be presented in a copper tray on the kitchen table.

  1. Be simple. Avoid obtrusive selections. Don’t use same colours or patterns in everywhere. Avoid from luminous colours. If same patterns, same colours, same fabrics are everywhere, it will cause chaotic sense. But kitchens should be relaxing and restful. After a long day, people go to the kitchen for dinner. Everyone deserves to have a rest while having dinner.
  2. While being vintage, don’t be outdated. You can modify inside of the cabinet with useful solutions. Drawers should be cleaned without so much effort and should be tidy. It is possible to modify the inner design of drawers with separators.

Design a reading corner for your self-motivation. Since your kitchen will be stylish and peaceful, spending time in this place will be irreplaceable. That’s why you should have a rest corner for hot coffee and book. A blackboard can be hanged on the wall for communication with family members. Warn the children to complete their homework through this board. Besides that, a blackboard and light travertine are complementary to each other.

  1. We have reached to the final touch. With the correct light, the image of your kitchen will be more strong and powerful. Nude bulbs are really stylish. With Eymer travertine solutions, kitchen walls and the floor will be perfect. You shouldn’t over-shade this perfection with overdesigned products.