Marble has a significant place since the beginning of human history. Marble continued its evolution day by day and took its place in today’s modern architecture.

There are three colour options for marble; white, black and beige. There are also different implementation types in those colour options. Each one of them has elegance and stunning look that can create miracles in your living spaces. There are many areas marble can be used in your house. Some of them are common areas some of them are from recent vintage ideas but marble has a characteristic look at every point it’s used.

  1. Happiness Is Inside Your Kitchen

Using marble in your kitchen countertop is not a new idea but still the best one. Since many years have passed the first usage of marble in kitchen countertops it is still keeping its place as one of the most popular. It is not a surprise because it has earned that place by its beauty, rightfully.

There are also new ideas for marble usage in kitchens. Using white marble brushed face on backsplashes is one of them. You might have a very fresh and modern kitchen look with your white marble kitchen backsplash. You can have a classy look by using white and beige marble or black marble for a modern look. You will love to cook in your kitchen with Eymer’s high-quality marble.

  1. Artfully Furniture

Furniture which is made from marble is quite popular and gives your house an artfully view. It is easy to obtain classy look by using white marble on your dining table, coffee table in your living room. You can even use marble for your bookshelf or a fireplace.

  1. Have a Fresh Look in Your Bathroom

There are many ways to use marble in your bathroom. Classical bathtubs, floor usage, vanity top, walls even ceilings… the list goes on and on and on for the usage of various marble options in bathrooms. You can choose to pick some of them or a whole marble bathroom, you will have a fresh and stylish look in both ways.

  1. A Magical Touch of Beauty to the Exterior Decoration

The Exterior look of your house has equal importance as inside of it. With Eymer’s high-quality marble options, you can create a unique exterior design for your house. It’s easy to carry out modern look or historicize your walls with marble. Just choose your style and create a unique and solid look for your house.

  1. Every Guest of Your Home Will Adore Your Decorative Objects

Haven’t you feel bored using popular same old objects in your house nearly everyone has in their houses too? It’s time to have some special object reflects your one of a kind perspective. You can try decorating your house with a marble wall clock, letters of your family members, tealight holder, table lamp you can even start using a marble mouse pad. Everyone, particularly you, will love the style that little marble items will bring to your house.

Once you add this little objects to your decoration you won’t even remember how was your house without them.

Your house reflects your life perspective and your way of life. You can personalize it by Eymer’s high-quality marble and enjoy more living in it! A little reminder, as life itself, requires special affection sometimes you need to have a good care of your marbles to retain their beauty.

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