How Is the Marble Obtained

If we say that marble is a gift from nature, it will be completely true. We should examine the marble found in nature to understand how it is formed. The marble is taking its final shape in hundreds of years. It is a miracle that a marble is a result of a chemical reaction of the magma. When the magma appears in the world’s ground, it reacts. With the effect of hot geothermal waters and natural conditions, marble is crystallized.

When choosing the type of a marble for our home, office or anywhere we should ask for the most durable marble. Quality is a variable and a critical parameter for the marble.

How Is the Marble Processing

Marble is a hard and durable material which has been formed for hundreds of years under extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. For this reason, processing is difficult. Different industrial tools are used for marble processing. With these tools, cutting, forming or shaping of the marble is becoming possible.

Is Cutting Marble Enough to Put on the Market

No, marble cutting is just one of the steps for processing the marble. The marble will be cut again by the marble masters before going to the marble shops from the factory. Since it will be re-cut, it should be in workable size. After performing the cutting and sizing process, the wiping and polishing processes are performed. After the wiping and polishing processes are completed, the marble becomes suitable for commercial use.

Is It Possible to Begin Using Immediately After Choosing the Marble at the Marble Shop

Circular diamonds or plug-in and sawed machines are frequently used during marble cutting in marble factories. Thanks to these machines marble products are obtained in various sizes but it is not the last step. After sending the marble to the marble shops, the marble pieces are subjected to new operations by marble masters. These operations include deleting, polishing, drilling, sanding or scraping. For example, on the tombstones made of marble, various letters are made with marble masters.

What Is the History of the Marble

Black Marble Split Face

A marble has existed from the ancient times. You can see the examples of the buildings where the marble is used in almost every civilization. Marble can be used frequently from classical designs to modern designs. This material, which is used intensely in indoor or outdoor areas in both private and commercial buildings, is also attracting attention with its aesthetics and durability.

What Are the Usage Areas of Marble

The marble is an aesthetic and durable material. That’s why its main usage areas are construction industry, decoration, sculpture, making of decorative items and grave.

Especially from the beginning of ancient times, the marble is the closest friend of the sculpture artists. Nowadays, we are facing the marble from the smallest decorative items to outer coating. It shows its ability to be formed in almost every size and the variety of its colours.

Do You Have Any Suggestion to Use Marble in Indoor or Outdoor Design

The marble plates and other dimensional products produced from the marble are used in the inner and outer coverings of the buildings, in the flooring, in the stair steps, in the fireplace, in the kitchen and in the baths, in the supporting columns.

You can support the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom with Eymer marble products. We are providing the best quality of the marble for your house since we know that to make you happy, pleasant and peaceful; your house should be planified.

How Can I Combine the Marble Floors with the Rest of the Furniture

In recent times, marble decorative items are so popular. You can see the marble plates in the master chief’s shots. Food stylists are taking help from the marble benchtops frequently. Since the marble provides a very stylish ground.

On the other hand, by combining wooden furniture with marble flooring your kitchen will gain strong appearance. You can adapt the marble flooring either with classical style or modern style. Both of them will be perfect. Don’t forget that marble Never be out of date even years are passed.

Bonus idea: Who doesn’t like a pizza baked in a stone oven? But, if you want to eat a fine pizza with rich ingredients, you should spend a lot of money. What about baking your own pizza in your kitchen? Have you ever tried? Yes, but I can hear that you don’t prefer to prepare at home since it doesn’t taste same as you eat in the restaurant.

So, you should try to cut a marble benchtop. Then you will heat the benchtop in the oven at high temperatures. After the benchtop is heated well you will put the pizza dough on it. Then baked! It will tickle your taste buds.

Is the Marble Heat Resistant

Absolutely! Marble is one of the most durable materials you can ever see in the design industry. As we mentioned above, the marble has reached to its present form under high temperatures and high pressures for the hundreds of years. Thus, the marble resists to high temperatures.

We can give an example from barbeque stone. The marble is used as a barbeque stone thanks to its heat resistant feature. However, it is not possible to give a tolerable maximum temperature limit for all of the marble types. All types of marble are different. Even, some of the underground stones can be resisted up to 1800 degrees.

I Am Convinced to Get Marble for My Home but How Can I Choose the Right Marble Type

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